When you think about it, even chiseling hieroglyphics into stone was a form of graphic print design. And one where a mistake could be costly. You don’t want to replace tons of rocks because you made a slipup.

Print is still the most common design products that we see each day. Our mailboxes may be full of flyers, brochures, envelopes with stationery, or a printed package. You may get a business card from someone or a door hanger stuck on your front door. The types of print we see and read each day are wide and varied.

Print may not be as sexy as Web 2.0 but it is here to stay.

Print requires just as unique a skill set as the web. The goal of print also is to attract enough interest to get your reader to stay on a page long enough to get the message across. You have to do so within the confines of limited space. Unlike the web your page count is static and the size of your product is also.

You may have just one page or even one quarter of a page to deliver both visually and with text. Like the web, you deal with all of the elements of design but you have an advantage. You can also deal with texture and even the look and feel of the final product.

Gustavo Woltmann understands how print is both similar and different from web work. He can tailor not only the look, appearance and text to an audience but also take advantage of the differences in the media themselves. He is skillful enough to use the subtleties of each end product as part of the message.

For outstanding graphic and web design, delivered on time and on budget, contact us today. We’ll be happy to provide a free quote and put it in print.

UK Corporate Solutions
"Our experience with Gustavo was excellent. He took us from an idea to a great finished product. He listened to our needs and ideas and put them into action.
London, UK
Meijers, Baker & Brown N.V.
It has been my good fortune to work with Gustavo Woltmann for the last six years. Together we have launched and maintained a website that not only meets the promotional requirements of my business, but also receives accolades from my clients.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
PVS Services Ltd.
My experience with Gustavo came at a perfect time in the development of my business. I chose to work with Gustavo because his ideas offered a fresh and appealing approach in this crowded field of graphic design.
Berlin, Germany
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