Website design is today the most demanding design challenge that graphics designers takes on. The reason is simple. There are at least 250 million websites on the Internet now. You are vying for attention with just that many. You must make a good impression and a quick impression.

The average person takes just 50 milliseconds to decide to stay on a website, turn the page on it, or leave. You have to grab them in those first 50 milliseconds, and the grabber initially is the design. The internet visitor will take it or leave it just that quickly. The goal of a web designer is to get that visitor to take it.

So, just what does Gustavo deliver that will insure your website reader will take it and not leave it:

  1. Designs that work well within the latest HTML protocols.
  2. Acknowledgement of the interactive experience that your readers expect.
  3. A design that works well as a navigational tool throughout the site.
  4. Designs that seamlessly move readers from one page to another and encourage them to do so.
  5. Use of those key elements again.
  • shapes
  • lines
  • color
  • type
  • art
  • illustration
  • photography
  • and with the web you can add video

With the web a key design consideration is what browser a user will select. Another is what type of monitor a reader is using. We have the experience and technical skills for our designs to account for these variations.

We also stay on top of the latest and most important evolution of web use and website design. Social networking and bookmarking is a good example. We know Web 2.0.

The bottom line is that in print or web, Gustavo Woltmann delivers on that bottom line.

For outstanding graphic and web design, delivered on time and on budget, contact us today. We’ll be happy to provide a free quote.

UK Corporate Solutions
"Our experience with Gustavo was excellent. He took us from an idea to a great finished product. He listened to our needs and ideas and put them into action.
London, UK
Meijers, Baker & Brown N.V.
It has been my good fortune to work with Gustavo Woltmann for the last six years. Together we have launched and maintained a website that not only meets the promotional requirements of my business, but also receives accolades from my clients.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
PVS Services Ltd.
My experience with Gustavo came at a perfect time in the development of my business. I chose to work with Gustavo because his ideas offered a fresh and appealing approach in this crowded field of graphic design.
Berlin, Germany
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